The mist was so dense that I could not see even an inch ahead.


Jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

One who is not willing to learn is not worth teaching.

In the old days people valued selflessness. But this generation seems to make a virtue out of selfishness.


Why do they say you have to learn English to survive?

I understand Luke was here yesterday.

The horses pull the carriage.


We made too many mistakes.


The Catholic Bible contains everything in the Protestant Bible plus several other books.

I don't worry about him.

Except for leap years, February has only 28 days.

Alex isn't thrilled.

We need to colonize other planets.

In many cases, doing that is impossible.

My boyfriend doesn't know.

Hasn't Emma arrived yet?

I think this medicine will do you good.

I'm sorry. I take back my words.

I agree to the proposal in principle.

Jayesh is planning to go home soon.

I, too, have the right to speak.

We finally arrived in England.

We know little of his personal history.

She has a habit of coughing before she speaks.

You got it all wrong.

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If you want me to help Ira, I'll help him.


Be careful that the thread doesn't break.

He deserved to be hanged.

Can you remember your kindergarten teacher's name?

Rakhal wanted me to tell you to buy a couple of loaves of bread on your way home.

I want to know what it is I'm getting into.

Sylvan is a professional musician.

Emmett and Caleb both should know better.

Please remember to mail the letter.

Is there something you aren't telling us?


Please just listen to me.

I broke a rib falling.

Alf wanted Pandora to be nicer to John.


She's a prude.

It is said that she looked after the orphan.

I love you all the more for your faults.

If Nicolo becomes insulting, show him the door.

Am I mistaken?

I didn't know Bruce.

Am I stupid?

Stagger got on the bus.

I didn't like the interface of that operating system.

Sonny sat on a park bench.

I often go fishing with them.


Jwahar loves them.


His action is against the law.

I met her along the way to school.

I'll try to meet your wishes.


He had an unpleasant screechy voice.

She lives in this neighborhood.

Kristian knew he couldn't save Louiqa.

That's why you got the promotion.

I know how to write a letter in English.

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Alan is very persistent, isn't he?

He returned home three hours later.

Does anyone see a difference?


I came to support Ann.

Even today, I still think of my ex-husband.

They attended the lecture.

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Your wife is going to ask you for a divorce.


I enjoyed it, too.

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I'll tell Donovan you helped out.

He deals in hardware.

Nicolette lived in Boston for many years.

We wanted to help Elwood.

Cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and kefir are dairy products.

She'll be safe with me.

Novo could hardly afford to pay for his meal.

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Then, she began to cry but with no tears.


I can't ask Jess for that.

My English is bad.

He had bruises all over his body after the fight.


Is the school on this side of the river?

Forgive him.

I'll stay and help any way I can.


Taro speaks English, doesn't he?


Shannon is only pretending he's not interested.

The girl brought me a red and a white rose.

How could this have happened?

You could search the world over and never find another woman more beautiful than Novo.

He works Sundays.

Coffee is one of this country's most important products.

These were the best years of my life.

I wasn't punctual.

It's time to be going.


I'd like you to leave my house.

I wonder if there's some way of attracting more Japanese speakers to Tatoeba?

I'm dying to meet him.

So what? It doesn't matter to me.

Stop telling me what to do.


I wonder if we'll ever see Sanjib again.


I never should've hired you.

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You guys love each other, don't you?

A massive coverup was orchestrated at the highest levels of government.

As many as twenty students were absent.

Today, I will dine with you.

Don't overdo it and wear yourself out, now.

That's a lot of cash.

I pretended that I was sleeping.


I'll never get used to that.

Please promise me you won't do that.

I think Heidi's suggestion is a good one.


I am the tallest of the three.

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The photograph was falsified.

He has got cancer.

If you don't pay rent, the landlord will evict you.

Neal may have left for Boston already.

Last Saturday I bought a laptop.

Turn off the TV.

What's the skinny?


Captains have responsibility for ship and crew.

He needs a raise.

He has got as many as fifty novels written in English.

I do not support the theory that one has to study Latin in order to understand English better.

Maybe we shouldn't have taken this road.


You should buy yourself a new knife.

Amarth is still working in Boston, isn't he?

He doesn't even know that I exist.

The train ran at the rate of 500 miles an hour.

Roman found the sheer size of the city bewildering at first.

Reiner has a pacemaker.

I thought he would come.

They died trying to rescue others.

I hope it's true.

This problem is hard to solve. So you had better begin with that one.

The patient showed the doctor his tongue.

If a restaurant has valet parking it's probably pretty expensive.

She spoke to the children in a gentle voice.

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Travis didn't know what Henry was trying to do.

He walked across the street.

Nobody talked about the movie.

I've become disenchanted with politics.

Nature laughs at human suffering; Only ever contemplating its own grandeur, it dispenses with all its sovereign forces, and keeps calm and splendor for its own.


Somebody brought them a new carpet.

Manolis switched off the dryer.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy.

The hen lays an egg almost every day.

They treated me like a criminal.

Saiid needs a job.

After I got all worked up about ordering in English, I walked in the store and they greeted me with "Irasshaimase!" I felt, like, "What the ...?"

He doesn't let anyone interfere with his private matters.

The truth doesn't need many words.

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Someone broke into my car.

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He unknowingly slept with his sister.

He died of natural causes.

He has changed his mind about going abroad by air.

There is an apple on the desk.

He attended the meeting in place of his boss.

I want to know what happened to Spass.

The only missing feature of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is Turkish keyboard layout.


This was fun.

"Father! What happened?" "I saved Hyrule from Ganon's pit!" "Well done, Your Majesty... but father, what about Link?"

Tickets are on sale now.

I don't go to the movies as often as I'd like.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

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There are many different people in Europe.

Let's do this!

I remember being on a ship when I was only five years old.