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I've missed you so much.

I am such a poor image of misery! Regardless, I will face my destiny with an attitude worthy of admiration!

Don't stay indoors because it is cold outside.

Now I have to leave, they're calling for my flight.

There are evidences that at times large wolverines attack wolves.

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You didn't complain, did you?


She's a hopeless romantic.

The cold winds froze my skin and hollowed out my soul.

Who's your favorite Disney character?

After breaking up with his girlfriend he moped around the house for a whole month.

I just noticed something else.


He's got charisma.

Charlie often fails to keep his word.

Selfishness is an essential part of his character.

Have you seen him anywhere?

I know the country that I come from well.

Watch him and do what he does.

Lonhyn says he can't give me what I want.


They're always together.

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I understand the risks.

I feel like somehow I've stopped thinking of translation as something enjoyable.

My home lies far across the sea.

This one nearer to me will run.

You don't have to answer that.

He's sure that he'll be able to pass the next examination.

I wasn't wealthy at that time.

Lunch is at noon.

No one asked your opinion.

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Every Saturday we clean the whole house.

Food is running low.

Do you think you can come up with that kind of money?

Ric was trying to defuse the bomb when it exploded.

Harvey got up early this morning.

I could do that for you.

Generally speaking, gambling is frowned upon.

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I've been trying to contact you all week.

Her oldest son is not married.

She isn't doing her homework. She's reading a book.

Cliff said he was worn out.

We have to figure out how to do this.

People have different personalities.

Are you sure this place is safe?

I told them I was married.

There's always something to do.

I know Danny is a bank manager.

He is serious when he talks about his hobby.


People once held that the world was flat.

Get her off my hands.

The man blushed like a boy.

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Leung thought the house Marco wanted to buy was a little too small.


I'm not scared of you.


He is riding for a fall.

Do you think you can do this alone?

They made many changes.


You must be very busy now.

I only have eyes for you.

Can you update our software?

How many days did the Six-Day War last?

You didn't make it clear.


I ran into Werner at the party last week.

There is no one that knows him who speaks ill of him.

Enough, already!

He works at a tattoo parlor.

Maybe they'll come for you.

I just want to know who's in the room.

The door closes automatically.

I want to wait for him.

I was the one who dug this hole.


Short accounts make long friends.

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There was a touch of irony in his speech.

I was just looking for you guys.

In the play, the actor suddenly transmogrified into a monster.


We've got a situation.

In a sense, you are wrong.

Did you request a new desk?

That big boy is bullying the little children.

Kemal and Darren broke up, so they won't be going to the dance together on Friday.

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I will accomplish that no matter what the cost.

She should be hibernated!

This is a biblical text.

What have these poor people done that they must be punished in this way?

This is my favorite part of the movie.

It is agonizing for the united States to lose our young men and women.

Dress warmly!


All right, I will do it again.

Please help me with this heavy baggage.

Dan didn't even know he had been manipulated.

His selfishness got in the way of his promotion.

All German nouns are written with the first letter capitalized.

Are your fingers broken?

I've done with him for the future.

Cindy has always looked after his cars fastidiously.

Dan's sentences are easy to translate.


Per saw his reflection in the mirror.


It isn't likely that she will come.


Go where you will, you can't hope for success without effort.


Life is not fair.

Sonny stopped screaming.

Who walks on the Great Wall conquers bravitude.

You shouldn't lie to Manolis.

What do you wish?

It was only a suggestion, not an order.

She died in his arms.

Do I need to add salt?

I feel terrible about my mistake.

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I closed my eyes.


That experience guides my conviction that partnership between the United States and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

My father likes tennis.

Nobody talked about the movie.

Do you hear the birds singing?

Vance wished he hadn't promised Tigger he'd help.

I've already hidden the diamonds.

I like music.

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Watch out!

I know you feel responsible.

I warned you not to trust me.

What about your cousin?

People all over the world are anxious for peace.

There are things one is born with, and things one has to cultivate.

Oh boy ... when they hang out with you for long everyone ends up picking up your bad habits.

Behold, O monks, this is my last advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.

The aerial on our radio needs fixing.

Are you surprised to see me?

You're acting funny.

This novel is difficult to understand.

Do you need to buy anything?


I hear it's buried under all that snow.

There are daisies next to the steel building.

You may injure yourself if you don't follow safety procedures.

Does it snow much in your country?

Promise you won't tell her.

Don't overthink it.

In order words, it is a matter of common sense.


If I had enough money, I could buy this camera.

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This building was put up in six months.

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Two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water.

Cookie's mother died of cancer.

You will do as you're told.

Whom did you vote for in the election?

Would you like me to ask around for you?

Melinda is getting cold feet.

Women are beautiful.

Charley left immediately.

He supplied food and money to them.


I don't like being judged.

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Patricio made thirty thousand dollars last week.

That's the most beautiful ship I've ever seen.

Who do you think she is?

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Where are Jin and his family living now?

It seemed like such a simple idea.

I've got mosquito bites all over my arm.

We'll get it fixed.

She is all for going shopping.

Suddenly, he fell down on his back.

Eduardo washes his car every week.

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Maybe you should ask him.

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We didn't go so far as Boston.

Renu couldn't have done anything to prevent the accident.

You've got to be reasonable about this.

How did you know Susan was going to do that?

I appreciate your work.


These rules don't apply anymore.


He is the last person to succeed in business.