My pen-drive has a virus.

Moses is just not buying it.


Generally speaking, endoscopy is a safe procedure.

Thank you for being honest.

The people almost starved during the terrible winter.

The two cars collided at the intersection.

Marty called Marion back the next day.

We can't trust Rodger.

I have clearly asked for this list in writing.

I was allowed to take a week off.

There is a man in this room.

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This is sweet.


We shouldn't have gone there.


Can Elias sleep in my room?


I know what you want to talk about.

I wanted to switch channel, but my wife didn't let me.

He handed in his answer sheet.

Many writers desire to look into the eyes of their works' translators.

We're in town.


Hal showed me a picture of his mother as a schoolgirl.

I like traveling by train.

It began to rain when he went out.


Shannon wasn't able to be here to meet you himself, so he asked me to come in his place.


I heard that Lukas is planning to come with us.


They spoke well of their grandson.

Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.

Has Ravi told Novo everything?


Little did I imagine that my plan would go wrong.

I'm going with Valerie and the others to a karaoke bar today. Are you coming?

Emmett regrets having told Kate about the incident.

I consider relationships to be the most important thing in life.

You're starting to sound like your father.

I hope I didn't interrupt you.

I got to watch my son playing baseball and I was proud of him.

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What kind of women do you like?

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Either Lester is wrong or I am.


He hit his brother in a rage.

They won't make it.

He tried harder to get good marks than I did.

Joon says it hurts.

Please be sure to come on time.

Woody mentioned it.

This time, so I don't run out of things to talk about, I'll write a list on the palm of my hand.

Jacobson can't go with us tomorrow.

It depends on many things.

We couldn't get anywhere in our attempt to convince him.

He got tired soon.

The fact is, he broke the window.

We have to defend our country from the foreign aggression.


I think Uri is a little nervous about this.

And she is always a troublemaker.

The editor often omits those little details that make the author's points logically sound.

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We wish him well in his future endeavors.

He treats me with severity.

As I'm very busy, don't count on me.

Let's meet the day after tomorrow.

I met Fred on the street.

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In fact, Jerrie told me you were dead.

You can let go now.

His mobile phone produced radio emissions that interfered with other phones.


I'd love to find out why she said so.

It's quite nippy today, so take your coat with you.

We haven't met.

Let's see how things develop.

Philip drove a hard bargain.

Do you wear glasses?

Bart made a suggestion.

Panacea tried to steal the gods' nectar and ambrosia.

Some of them are teachers.


Rubber is extracted from rubber trees.

There is little water left in the glass.

Divorce is always painful.

I know that's not how it really is.

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I'm buying a ticket.


Does he have long hair?


I'll be back in a moment.

Marie broke down and told Lisa the truth.

Is your dog mean?


Before the horse race begins, the jockeys grip the reins tightly to restrain the impatient horses.

They all scoffed.

This is for internal use.

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His manly figure was adorned and enriched by a beautiful pair of donkey's ears.

His words and deeds do not match.

Curtis said he didn't know why Lorien was absent.

I can't fake it.

On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

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What are the odds of that happening twice in a row?

I have been waiting for a friend of mine for an hour.

I was often at odds with my parents.

We've resolved the problem.

He made an effort to get to the station early.

This room commands a fine view of the city.

They'll be looking for you.

I don't like to socialize.

I think that's enough, Charlene.

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Look at this picture, please.

When we were kids, we played together every day.

I found it easy when I gave it a try.


I'm exhausted! I just want to go home, take a bath, and go to bed.

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If it should rain tomorrow, the game would be called off.


This should be more than enough.

The only window in our hotel room opens onto a smelly alley.

I believe that an alien intelligence is watching the Earth.

Let's leave that matter for later.

The bunny jumped over the dog.


Kristin can stay with me if he wants.


One of the events was the Battle of New Orleans.

I imagine that Naoto will eventually convince Romain to let him buy a new motorcycle.

She finished up lunch with coffee.


I should've been more careful.

He pretended that he was a lawyer.

List will never be able to do that.


Does Pam prefer to jog or work out in a gym?

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I have to write a letter.

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Nhan hung up his keys on the hook.

One day, somebody will succeed.

The cardinals have elected a new pope.

What a beautiful girl she is.

It was hard to work without breakfast.

The country is isolated economically and politically.

I don't even know your real name.

He shooed the cat.

Would you bring me some salt?

You must not suppose, because I am a man of letters, that I never tried to earn an honest living.

I didn't want to come, but Duncan told me I had to.

We're so excited.

When I was young, Srivatsan and I used to often go swimming together.

The movie skips the whole story of the dead boy.

He sat on the bench and crossed his legs.


The man I see is very tall.

Wait for me!

I need to speak with him.

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Her story took me back to my childhood.


He can speak either English or French.

If he sends me any letters, I just tear them up and throw them away.

You are late. The meeting finished thirty minutes ago.

We Africans are excellent athletes and runners.

He's driving me crazy.

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Do you think anyone will be able to overhear what we're talking about?

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I was taught English by a foreigner.

Give Polly this picture.

I won't stay silent.


The poor are not those who have little but rather those who need much.

Oh, Tae, this cheese is a winner!

For toil alone the gods sell all good things.

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I hardly speak French at all.

A job is not merely a means to earn a living.

Seagulls are mainly coastal birds.

The chicken is worth four annas, and the masala is worth twelve annas.

I have a green car.

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You have dirty feet.

Pravin and Bill arrived at the conclusion independently of each other.

It tastes very good.


He has impeccable manners, which means you can never be sure what he actually thinks!

I sleep pretty well.

Sho is the one who took the bandage off of Walt's arm.

His parents expect too much of him.

The best thing about working in a team is that, when something goes wrong, you can always blame someone else.