Sanjib takes a bath every evening after dinner.

You don't fool us.

Do your best to complete the work.

There's something here.

Carolyn is really fast.

I grasped the whole meaning of the book by reading.


Why did you stay with her?

Why won't anyone tell me?

I'd like to pay for the repairs.

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I trusted Ronni more than I should have.

Did you question him?

Can one person really make a difference?

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The politician was removed from office.

Go back to where you belong.

He was kind enough to lend me some money.

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Sherri will be joining you shortly.

Where does he live?

Check your answers carefully.


We were all wearing gloves.

We're invited to dinner.

She lost count.

I asked him to leave at once.

He felt his way through the darkness.

This could be dangerous.

Vic got his learner's permit yesterday, so he's out with his father practicing driving.


You'll think of something.

We need to get there early.

Kevan was in a hurry this morning.

This report is very sloppily written.

Vadim was caught cheating on an exam.


You didn't say yes, did you?

I remember telling you about it.

Can you remember anything?

It's a Spanish book.

I'll give them that.

You guys love each other, don't you?

If you tell too many lies, people won't ever believe your words.

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I was your age once.

I like math best.

Stuart must've changed it.

Let the games begin.

The Kawagoe festival float has the shape of what's called a hoko float. It has three, or four, wheels attached.

Why didn't you let me know you were in Boston?

Why didn't you stop them?

Will you help me give out the programs to those people?

He is feeling very kind today.

Let's go by taxi, shall we?

Since her father's death, she has gone through a lot of hardships.

I don't have an empty cup.

I had some cash stashed away.

King said he couldn't find a decent place to live.

Everybody was going about his business.

I didn't have a very good time.

It will soon stop snowing, and then the weather will improve.

I was wondering if I could borrow your car.

The lost chance will never come again.

He was hurt in the accident.

He failed in the examination for lack of preparation.


Maybe I shouldn't stay here.

Do you love me just because I am a foreigner?

My father manages a store.

Some people like baseball, others like soccer.

Smokers are a bunch of idiots.

Rather than be reach and submit to others, I would be poor and follow my own inclinations.

We follow the news quite regularly.

She lost her only son in the traffic accident.

You must have forgotten them at the office.

I don't have the courage to do that.

I will give it to her tomorrow.

Things were never quite the same after that.

Let me cut your hair!

Lindsey didn't know what this is.

Don't worry. I'll do it.

Earnie was realistic about it.

She gave me a tie that's totally my style.

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Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

I can trust them.

They treated me badly.


The news of the fire in the factory caused a sensation.

The strangest part is that no one recognizes me.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.

We fix all kinds of clocks here.

I am no longer a child.

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You must make much of time.

If Fletcher doesn't surrender, shoot him.

She advised him to lose weight.


I'm not dating him.


I still think we should've said no.

I found my car missing.

I like to make my wife happy.

There are also high-quality Bordeaux wines which everybody can treat themselves to.

It was inevitable, wasn't it?


You can't just walk away.

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He was so kind as to lend us some money.

Soon Christopher Columbus got bored watching the noob toy getting repeatedly self-pwned; he then decided to make a fortune-teller advise him on what to do with such a pointless toy.

Winnie sat on the couch.


Where did he go yesterday?

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If I tell you a story, will you go to sleep?


Generations of Americans were taught to fear--miscegenation, "the yellow peril," Italians, communism.

She was 19 at the time.

That'll put you in danger.


Men judged those women to be odd or dangerous.

I can't believe they slept together!

Wilson didn't want to talk about it anymore.

He was glad at about the good news.

Their job is to cut up the wood.

Damone wanted Vincenzo to learn French.

Boy, that sentence sure caused a kerfuffle.

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Everyone is free to go.

I wasn't too nervous.

The children tried to imitate their teacher.

We're related by marriage.

Are you hiding something, Maurice?

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I can't steal for you.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Can you believe her?

The men have been shorn of their power.

Mariah's father was an African-Venezuelan.


I was really young when I met you.


As our vehicle leaves the ground and plunges over the edge of the cliff toward the valley floor, I ponder whether it is possible that one might allege I am guilty of an act of moral failure, having failed to maintain a proper course along the roadway.

He's the perfect drummer for the band.

They're definitely more than just friends.

Cris gave Susanne the bad news.

We decided to branch out into selling some foodstuffs.

Lenora says he wants to quit his job.

Captain Cook thanked the natives for their hospitality.

The victim didn't have to testify.

Spock squirmed in his chair a little bit.

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I have only just begun.

Let's talk about something else.

I need to make sure your leg isn't broken.

Fay laughed at my jokes.

Many people aren't glad about the current situation of the world.

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Steven has been saving up to buy a yacht.


Did you tell her when to come?


You are difficult and easy, pleasant and bitter at the same time; I can't live with or without you.

She likens the impact of his training to a piano student progressing from the ability to play a simple tune to performing a concerto.

The couple walked holding hands in the moonlight.

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Are you marrying him for his money?

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She got more than she bargained for.

Am I stupid?

Had she told me the truth in the first place, I wouldn't be angry now.

I thought Dorothy was stealing from us.

I never believed that.

I knew you two would hit it off.

He had no house to live in.


This old house needs a good housekeeper.

You should have seen me.

We'll be talking to her today.

Have you had problems with anyone lately?

A rumor is abroad about his death.

Do you want me to be frank?

Sadly, some of us are wretches and have to suffer eternally.

I want to go with him.

Do you like snow?

This book is designed to teach children how to read.

You don't have to be crazy to work here.

Is that for sale?

I do things at my own pace.

We assumed you were dead.

Give it a pull.

Do you want a bag?

Her reaction didn't surprise me.

In case something happens to me, I'd like you to take care of my children.

I don't want my kids to smoke.


I think we are about to make a lot of money.

"Thus was he handled for one year and ten months; after which time, by the advice of physicians, they began to carry him, and then was made for him a fine little cart, drawn with oxen, of the invention of Jehan Denyau."

Are they coming here tomorrow?