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Welcome to Aria, a first-of-its-kind, real-time analog mastering system

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Aria is an automated service that works for you 24/7 to produce professional sounding analog masters. Simply upload your mix, grab a coffee. Your master will be ready by then for pickup.
Aria uses high end mastering grade analog equipment during the mastering process. Aria is 100% analog. No digital processing used.
Aria is realtime. You upload your mix and Aria gets mastering.
Aria is a professional mastering service trusted by the industries most recognized Engineers around the world.
Aria lets you not only select the Mix Type of your song, it further allows adjustments to mix parameters such as Low/High Frequencies and Output Levels.
One of its kind
Aria employs a robotic arm to execute precision adjustments of the analog audio gear



Fabian Marasciullo

5x Grammy® winning Mixing Engineer: Lil Wayne, Aretha Franklin, R. Kelly, Justin Bieber
“In what is a troubling time in the mixing world where louder is almost always perceived as better it is difficult to sometimes do all you want as a mixer to a song. Maybe you have to pull back the attack on a kick or roll off some of the monster 808 because of how it will affect the overall volume when you bounce a reference to send out using the traditional digital limiting or maximizing method. Enter Aria. With its fully analog signal chain and ultra high end components the head room is so high that my hands are no longer tied. I can push the limits and still know the warmth and volume will be there. I almost feel like I’m cheating sending a mastered reference to a client. But let’s keep this between us!“


3x Grammy® Winning Mixing Engineer: Rihanna, Coldplay, Mariah Carey, Selina Gomez
“I’ll admit, I was skeptical about Aria at first – none of the projects that utilized the other automated mastering services currently available sounded anywhere close to being right to me – but when Colin brought me in, showed me how his system worked, and I heard the results, I thought, “Wow, this might actually work.” AND IT REALLY DOES. I’ve used it on several recent mixes and I’ve been very pleased with the results. More importantly, the clients are happy with the results. The big difference is the top quality analog mastering equipment used in the ARIA process. Your tracks aren’t just being run through some one-size-fits-all software preset.”
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Grammy® Award winning J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE: Mary J. Blige, Drake, Jay-Z, Nelly, Nas, Rick Ross
“We’ve been getting our songs mastered by Colin Leonard for many years now. When he told me he was working on an automated analog mastering system, I was immediately intrigued. Being that he’s mastered many hit records and platinum albums, I couldn’t wait to hear how he taught a machine everything he knew. Now that I’ve tried it for a few months, I honestly cannot live without it! It not only delivers a loud (to your liking) and dynamic master, it really shows you a few things you could’ve done better in the mix! (great for producers!) So if you have the Professional Subscription it’s super easy to fix mixes. It’s dangerously close to a having Colin master a song manually with the fraction of the time and cost. I joke with him all the time, “The machines might have taken over!”
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