Empowering Your Independence and
Enabling Your Growth.

The Chalice Financial Network™ is a community dedicated to solving the unique challenges you face as a wealth advisor and entrepreneur. We empower you with best in class technology and business solutions while inspiring you through a peer-to-peer community.

We are here to support and guide you through the entire lifecycle of your business – start-up, growth, succession planning, and sale. For many, it’s finding a way to have true independence. For others, it’s making the transition from employee to entrepreneur. The Chalice Financial Network™ is an experienced guide, the right solutions, and the right support system.

We are the Holy Grail for Wealth Advisors™.

Chalice Financial Network™ is a thriving peer-to-peer community of like-minded independent wealth advisors where The Strength of WE Empowers a Network of ME™.

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Chalice Wealth Partners
The Holy Grail for Wealth Advisors

Solving for the Pain Points

  1. Are you struggling with growing your business?
  2. Do you feel like you’re on an island with no one to share ideas?
  3. Are you spending too much valuable time running your business versus focusing on client service?
  4. Do you have access to a broad product offering to meet your clients’ goals?
  5. Does your health coverage keep you tied to your current firm?
  6. Does buying a business, selling your business, or raising capital seem daunting?
  7. Do you find your technology solutions confusing and expensive?
  8. Do you have business owner clients with needs you can’t meet?
  9. Do your strategic partners have the vision and leadership to support your goals?
  10. And more importantly, do you have access to this leadership? Real access?
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When you go independent, you are challenged with assembling and aggregating the right tools, technology, and services. It would be nice to know you have a community of experienced professionals and peer-to-peer network to help. That’s why we are here.

Chalice Ecosystem = Infinite Capabilities

Chalice Advisor Exchange™ (CAEx), Our Single Sign-On Platform,
Gives You Access to Our Entire Ecosystem With Just One Click.

Chalice Wealh Adivsors

CAEx Digital Marketplace – Think of Us as Your One-Stop Shop.

As a Chalice Financial Network™ member, you gain access to the Chalice Advisor Exchange™ (CAEx), the industry’s most sophisticated digital marketplace and online community.

Benefit from negotiated pricing, technology aimed at streamlining your practice, increased earnings potential, lower expenses, and long-term enhanced enterprise value.

We bring together the technology, products, and business services you need to simplify and grow your business – all at exclusive member pricing.

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The Privileges of Membership

We are a member-owned organization and wealth advisor advocacy group – the business association for RIAs and independent wealth advisors.

We cater to the specific needs of small to mid-size independent business owners. As a member, you join a thriving community of like-minded, passionate professionals, and entrepreneurial spirited wealth advisors.

Membership Perks & Privileges include:

  • Equity in Chalice Financial Network™
  • Exclusive negotiated member pricing
  • Access to premier advisor technology partners
  • Access to comprehensive employee benefits including group health insurance for your business
  • Access to a marketplace for buying/selling a business and the capital to fund acquisitions
  • Turnkey advisor website and digital marketing
  • Lead generation programs
  • Strategic CFO support
  • Turn-key facility and office solutions
  • Peer-to-peer community
  • Access to an corporate RIA and broker/dealer services
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