The whole town was in a ferment.


Save energy by abolishing the convenience stores' 24-hour-a-day trading!

You should've reported that to the police.

My neighbors are hogging the laundry room in my apartment building again.

It has been as many as ten years since I started to live in Tokyo.

I can't shake off her seduction.

He searched my face for my real intentions.

What do you want me to ask him?

I felt weak in the knees.

I got shot three times.


Women and children first!

Hirofumi believes in equality between women and men.

He doesn't play disc golf.

He got down the book from the shelf.

The cost of building the new hospital was a lot higher than they thought it would be.

My uncle is an amateur cricket player.

Do you know where the closest bathroom is?

I'm glad you came.

Sheila and I are old friends.


Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?

Omar jabbed Gypsy in the ribs.

You must not shout at him.


She cannot control her children.


Well, it's better than nothing.

I'm not a disbeliever.

Being left alone, he sank into meditation.

Jarl said he hadn't seen either of you.

Can you see me from there?


I need a place to sit.


Any car whatever will do, provided it can be driven.

I've got two hours to finish writing this report.

Maria is a very polite and simple girl.

She started kissing him as soon as he got home.

I want to thank him.

The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.

I'll explain it next time.


Do you trust Tracy?

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That's quite a story.

Rich is objective, isn't he?

A woman is the woe of man.

Tell me where it is.

Smaller classes mean a higher standard of education, and that's what we want for our kids.

Put out your cigarette. Smoking's not permitted here.

"Did you see yesterday's soccer game?" "Of course I did!"

Will sort of took me under his wing.

I'd rather stay home.

I came to Japan four years ago intending to stay for one year.

I don't get what the fuss is all about.

Ernest is not the problem.

You don't have to patronize me.


I admire your optimism.

She once came when my sister was home.

It is the painting he painted.

She's smart and quite lovely.

Even if only one Russian hamlet remains, even then Russia will revive.

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My promise to come next Sunday still holds good.


Could you give me a lift to the train station?

The man is hiking on a narrow path.

They'll take care of Betsy.

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The noise gets on my nerves.

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I really like the sound of a harpsichord.

Stratford-on-Avon, where Shakespeare was born, is visited by many tourists every year.

I'm sure that guy must get picked on at school.

I hope it rains tomorrow.

He got up to see if he had turned off the light in the kitchen.

Sandra is as handsome as ever.

He's really interested in biology.

The American Government declared a state of emergency.

I wish I could tell you who they are.

Large raindrops are starting to fall.

Devon didn't like this.

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Maybe you should do what Saul told you to do.


The whale is the largest animal on the earth.

Unfortunately, I'm now too busy.

The first month of the year is January.

I was wary of showing my intention.

There isn't much time.


No, I'm tired.

I liked the room overlooking the valley.

I told him, once for all, that I would not marry him.

He drove down to the hotel.

Lots of love, John.

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We could've fought back.

Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.

She has two sisters. Both of them live in Kyoto.

The cat is stuck in the tree.

I thought Dani would be much fatter.


I was always the fastest.

They are leaving Japan tomorrow.

Who sang this song?

My stomach has been hurting all day.

I saw her smile.

You need a ride?

You seem busy.


Departmental disagreements led the corporation to split into five separate companies.

We have nothing to be ashamed of.

It's a matter of time.

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I wasn't planning on doing that, but now that you suggest it, I may give it a try.

Stephan wants to work for Price.

Go away!


A right friend you are!


Lievaart asked Mosur to watch the children.

Stick to what you're good at.

I'm not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.

I shook my head.

I dealt with the accident.

Loyd told Joachim that she didn't need to do that.

"Michael" is a man's name but "Michelle" is a lady's name.


Give me a glass of milk.

Kikki decided to learn to live with the problem.

Pasta is high in carbohydrates.


Robert invited Oliver to his birthday party.

Young people were skating on the frozen pond.

Orville flosses his teeth several times a week.

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Summer is disappearing and winter approaches.

I'm parked around the corner.

All three of you chop wood every day, don't you?

I just need more time with Mott.

I can't burden Sho with that responsibility.

Did he study English yesterday?

Stuart climbed the mountain with Carter, John and Alice.

You're still the same spoiled little girl I knew two years ago.

We've got to call Jayant.

Gigi never finished high school.

I swear to God I didn't kill Johnathan.

The police are protecting it.

Improved medical technology has been one of the spin-offs of the space program.

Dominick just got back to Boston today.

Read music, hear fiction.

What are you giving Marco for his birthday?

I'm sorry that I didn't email you sooner.

Do you know this man?

Vincent has absolutely no idea what he's supposed to do.


Do you know the man staring at you?

Is it complicated?

It would be stupid to say no.

He ignored his father's advice.

He lives in a dry county.

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They are.

This is my cow.

Judith said you needed this.

Will is itching to leave.

The street fight was interrupted with a hail of gunfire.

I'm in love with her. I don't care what you think.

Please let me know how you get on.


He kept silent all day long.

I appreciate what you're doing, but I don't think it'll help.

She's two years older than he.

I could read between the lines.

I'm afraid it will rain tonight.

I'd better go find her.

I asked him if you will come with me, but he didn't even answer.

She was about to leave the house.

I think that he is in the right in this dispute.

This could've happened to anyone.

What's up with you and him?

The murderer was arrested on the spot.

You promised that Elaine would be here.


Are you not hungry?

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Who died and made you king?

What did you say to the boys?

Masanao went out in the rain.

Jim can wait here.

He is apparently a pianist.


Why are you asking Colin?


Their baby has just started to crawl.