You still managed to surprise me.

There are about 1,800 billionaires in the world, with a combined wealth of 7000 billion U.S. dollars.

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Can you keep quiet?

Bush doesn't want to use mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think Ann loves Jack.

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Do you want to watch the game together?

I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

That is not my field of work.

It's not voluntary.

That was a very great dinner.

He finds faults with everything I do.

Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America.


Have you met Barry's new girlfriend?

In my opinion, you're beautiful.

Would you like to eat?


Will you give this to them?

I can't get into this building.

I shall stay here for the time being.

Rolling a kayak in white water is an advanced skill.

How many cows are there in the village?

I'm very pleased.

This ring is a magic item that gives great power to its user.

Let's use this one.

That's a nice coat.

That might not be Carlos.

If the medicine isn't working, maybe we should up the dosage.


Val began to eat lunch.

Most people stuck around for a while after the show.

I don't feel well today and prefer to stay at home.

He noticed I was there.

We will die sooner or later.

You are talking.

He wrote his comments in the margin of the composition.

That might be helpful.

I'm being honest with you.

What does Carlos want from us?

It's really smooth.

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She goes to the hospital once a week.

The mosquitoes will eat you alive.

Don't trust him with such a large sum of money.

When was this decided?

What on earth is this?

I think experience helps.

He tried to warn me.

Eugene didn't know who to deliver the package to.

Suddenly all the lights went out.

Why are you standing there?

You should plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.

You might want to bring an umbrella with you.

What do you want to do today?

Why doesn't she work with me anymore?

You've put on weight.


Tell Loukas I'm ready to go.

A photograph can't explain the reasons.

Marcel got Manavendra to drive him home.


It is money that many people worship most.

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They brought umbrellas.

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I can't laugh or cry.

Some women are quick at figures.

Prices have been climbing steadily.

Charlie can do just about anything.

Thou speakest.

We have three possibilities.

Bert is desperate for money.

I'm trying to get into shape.

It was just a joke!

You can't let Terrance win.

Have you looked in the glove compartment?

No one is there.

A promise is a debt.

What time did you see them?

I can't believe you did this by yourself.


You may be right, but I am against your opinion.

She has her period.

I want to talk about something else.

Kay very much wants to meet you.

I've got a brand new bike.

He seems like quite a find.

I'd like a Bloody Jos.

It's pissing with rain.

That doesn't make any difference.

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You're a horrible person.

Are they all right?

Vishal did everything he could do for Marsha.

I couldn't find out anything.

It was silly of you to trust them.


I just remembered something I have to do.

Do the dishes.

At first, the trainees were awkward in his company.


He must be able to pass the exam since he has the capacity.


He begged us to go with him.

I've still got paperwork to do.

Death is preferable to such suffering.

Do you still have feelings for Edwin?

Tal has a skin condition.

You do not have to run fast.

Pradeep asked Lea to take a look at it.

May I leave my homework here?

I decided to be a lawyer.

Me, I prefer coffee to tea.

Let me ask a question.

Lilies smell sweet.

The course is divided into four smaller units.


Let's hope that's the last time that happens.

Knute is carrying a watermelon.

Beam me up, Scotty.


That's what happens 99% of the time.

We should have no trouble.

The price of everything increased.

He slowly opened his eyes, and then she kissed him.

It shocked me.


I met him just as he was coming out of school.

Erik despises Tiefenthal.

They walked along the avenue, arm in arm.

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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.


After a short break the show was to be resumed...

There were people everywhere.

In the supermarket, they wouldn't take my credit card.

I'm studying French so I can become a French teacher.

It's an indecent proposition.


This is an outright lie!

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The engineers worked through the night.

Young men and women don't seem to know what they are seeking after.

Ahmed is a student.

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I think you should take that job in Boston.

Look at that handsome boy.

She can be trusted to some degree.

Have you ever broken your glasses?

She attempted to swim across the Thames.

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We got away.


Tell them I'm not here.

This is a very bad neighborhood.

What does the word "next" means?

I won't take up any more of your time.

Is this actually happening?

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Alain is wearing a sports coat.


I found his latest novel interesting.

She was as great a scientist as ever lived.

We'll help you, okay?

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How are you going to stop him?

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Do I have to pay the tax?

Valentine's Day is coming up.

Over there is a place where several colonies of birds nest.


It occurred to me that he might be an industrial spy.

Capitalism might be the best means we know of for generating wealth, but it is not a perfect system for distributing wealth.

I slept well, after which I felt much better.

I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait for a few more minutes.

Is Donovan pestering you?

I consider that a good opinion.

They got the key to the street.

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I've got more.

Don't you ever get bored doing that?

Mah came with me.


We'll get them to listen.

He's been to the stadium.

It's amazing how Irfan was able to do that with just one hand.

Be sure and remember to write a letter.

Bacteria usually form colonies.

It might be risky.

Don't look at him!

He is a singer.

Some people believe that technology interferes with teaching while others believe that it enhances the learning experience.

I saw Greg give a flower Dani.

Nothing can happen to you.


You have to talk to me.

Walter hasn't had his lunch yet.

It's hard to resist temptation.