I didn't tell you to fire Janos.

I want you to help us.

Seymour slipped.


I'm doing what I have to.

The water was cold.

I had toxemia during my pregnancy.


A horse is an equine.


He focused his business on the metropolitan area.

That's not very nice, is it?

He's not a criminal.


I'll find her for you.

Did Vickie take Jackye home?

I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past two hours.

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Isn't that astounding?

Why should I lie?

Do you want to risk that?


There are not enough mangoes.

Who taught you how to do that?

We were all a little sleepy.

I sit when I pee.

Lenny almost never works on Saturday.

Nils didn't know exactly what it was that Pia wanted him to do.

As time went on, the sky grew darker and darker.


I called him, but a girl answered the phone.


Recurrent miscarriage is distinct from infertility, and is defined as two or more failed pregnancies.

Pass me the butter, will you please.

It sounds like he is going to Kashgar.

I don't want someone else. I want you.

I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.


I live in a country where the cost of a liter of gasoline is cheaper than the cost of a liter of water.


There's nothing they can do.


You must be joking! I can't find my passport!


The "pitch drop experiment" is a well-known long-term experiment that was started in 1930 and still continues to this day.

Earl is giving you a second chance.

As well.

We must start for now.

She did her job.


I'm not going to do that unless you help me.

When it comes to love, women are experts and men eternal novices.

Some people like danger.

Am I so very different?

I've got a mate who works there.


I have an appointment.

My luggage has been damaged.

You liked that movie, didn't you?

Damon never told me his last name.

Do you want to quit?

I'm used to being laughed at.

A prayer is one way to appeal to a deity.

I know them better than you do.

You have to help them.

Some men shave their legs.

I have a lot of work to do here.

He memorized ten English words a day.

Is this word known in your dialect?

Sandeep and Erik are older than John.

I really appreciate your help.

I told her it was a mistake.

Simon says he doesn't want to talk about that.

Don't you want to come inside?

I don't know how old that bridge is.

Mahmoud turned left onto Park Street.

This book is a little out of date.

I'm confident.

Greg would make an excellent spy.


Tracy fell asleep sitting up in the chair.

Don't let your muscles atrophy.

Show pity on me.

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How did you get Skip to do it?


Hamilton gave Maria a diamond ring.

This is beyond ludicrous.

That depends on you.

I really like being alone.

I'm gay, so what?

She has to live on the pension.

Pierre is the winner.

Isn't that a little dishonest?

The new industry transformed the town into a big city.


That's not fair and you know it.

"Yippee! We're going on an adventure!" shouted little Timothy.

Jin and Jared are arguing about something.

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Do you know what Rajesh was hiding?


Let's just try it again.

We do not know him.

I'd like a table by the window.


Miltos's French is perfect.

I thought it was going to clear up. On the contrary, it began to rain.

She believes Carole.

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Cole wasn't able to do what he wanted.


You can't really blame Joe for that.

That typhoon prevented me from going out.

I've been wanting to talk to you.


I want you to know all this.

The fire broke out after the staff went home.

Why does this happen so often?

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Masanao told Raja that he thought it wouldn't be good if she went there by herself.

Ross wrote down without fail every one of Jeffie's words.

What is the cheapest restaurant around here?


I went to donate blood today.

The story was adapted for the movie.

When it rains, she feels blue.


I've got to start fighting back.


What's the boarding time?

My mission is to photograph the documents.

The finest wines are those from France.

On behalf of the company, I would like to express our hearty thanks to you all.

She tightened the bolts.


I hear you have jobs for us.


I don't intend to use this any longer.

The house was built of bricks.

Wolf didn't know whether to accept Petr's love or refuse it.

Prices were strictly regulated during the war.

Why don't we think about this for another week or so?

She made her cry.

Do be careful.


I didn't sneak up on her.

Don't say 'but' to my suggestion.

We had a great time last night.

I was determined to help her at the risk of my life.

Dustin could tell that it had rained.

Archie looks like he's going to cry.

I'm always thirsty.

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Would you mind putting a link on your web page to our company's web site?

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We don't have anything to eat.

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I really want to impress them.

What's your favorite season?

Elaine is back in Boston.

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You may want to get some rest.


I saw him a while back.

Would you rather play tennis or golf?

There was almost no one who believed her.


We can still talk to Lord.

It took him two hours to finish his homework.

What the hell did he do?

We have nothing to be ashamed of.

Elwood can tell you more about it than I can.

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Page was just talking off the top of his head.


Juergen isn't very good at parallel parking.

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She keeps a cat. That cat is white.

Anyone taller than a mile must leave the court immediately.

I hope to see you this Friday.


She asked me if she could use the phone.

I couldn't sleep with the window open, since it was never quiet outside at night.

It's a nice party.

Adlai didn't plan on hurting anyone.

I knew it would make her happy.

What does that feel like?

I'm going to head back to my office.

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It's a wonderful opportunity.


I gave my hat a brush.

Gigi said he did it wrong.

I got some great pictures.


You don't have to tell Sriram twice to do something.

I thought he wouldn't come.

It's not all that uncommon for people to live past the age of ninety.